TV Repairs

At Tom’s TV repair shop, we perform fast and professional TV repairs at your convenience. We have experience repairing Flatscreen TVs, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, LED TVs, Rear Projection TVs, HDTVs, and even stereo audio repair.

We will come to your home or place of business to diagnose and repair your TV. 0r you can save some money by bringing your TV to our store.

We are a factory authorized TV service center. This means we receive ongoing manufacturer’s training in TV repair and service, and our work with our manufacturing partner brands is guaranteed for 90 days. See the list of brands we service.

We’ve seen all kinds of problems over the years, and we can help. Dead pixels, ghosting, burn-in, horizontal lines, vertical lines, dark picture, fuzzy picture, TV turning itself off, distorted sound, incorrect colors; These are all common problems, many of which can be fixed by you. Save yourself a service call by looking at Tom’s TVs tips for TV repair diagnosis. And if that doesn’t work, call us at (508) 759-8996 to schedule a service.


Flatscreen TV Repair